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Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures TV Offer - 2 Free books, just pay shipping

Friday, September 14th, 2007

Natural Cures TV Offer - 2 Free books, just pay shipping

Get both of Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures books: Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About and More Natural Cures Revealed, for FREE (just pay S&H)!

Natural Cures™
The revolutionary book that talks about the reasons you are sick and how the American Medical Association, Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and the pharmaceutical cartels are suppressing information about natural remedies and natural cures for virtually every disease.

More Natural Cures Revealed™
Risking potential criminal prosecution, Trudeau now releases the material previously censored by the U.S. Government: the specific product brand names that Trudeau believes can be used to prevent, treat, and cure disease in his new book More Natural Cures Revealed.

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Free More Natural Cures Book by Kevin Trudeau

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Kevin Trudeau’s The Weight Loss Cure

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

The number one bestselling book by Kevin Trudeau “The Weight Loss Cure” they don’t want you to know about, is now available at 50% off retail price, just $14.95 plus shipping and handling. Learn Kevin’s secrets about losing weight and keeping it off for ever. To take advantage of this discount visit my Kevin Trudeau book page.

There is also a special offer of his older books “Natural Cures” and “More Nature Cures”. You can get both of his alternative health books just for the price of shipping and handling. These books are loaded with all natural cures for all kinds of things. Visit my ITV Kevin Trudeau Natural Cures page under the Products tabs to take advantage of this deal.

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Lolipops with Hoodia Help Take the Edge off Dieting

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Hoodia has been the latest craze in the weight loss supplement industry. The thought behind using Hoodia as a weight loss aid goes all the way back the the bushman days in South Africa. It is noted that these bushman would go on long hunting trips for days and eat very little food. So how did they keep the hunger pains away?

They sucked on the Hoodia catcus that grows naturally in South Africa. This would supress thier hunger pains as they sucked on the catcus plant and they would endure for the whole hunting trip. So how can we make this idea work for us when we are trying to diet and keep the hunger pains away?

Now there is a method of getting Hoodia and sucking on it as the natives did on thier huntung trips. The best way to imatate this is buy consuming Hoodia the same way by sucking on lollipops that have this Hoodia added to them. Now this gives our mouth something to do and helps take the edge of the dieting. Visit this Hoodia Power Pops website for more information on this subject.

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Kevin Trudeau’s Newest Book ‘The Weight Loss Cure” Now Available

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Kevin Trudeau's bookKevin Trudeau has done it again, he has released another new book called “The Weight loss Cure” That “They” Don’t Want You To Know About”. In this new book he talks about how to transform your body once and for all time, the secret to melting away 30 pounds in 30 days, and how to keep the wight off for good. He also claims that there is a cure for obesity theat was discovered almost 50 years ago by a British medical doctor.  This method has been used by tens of thousands of people and its inexpensive, and safe, fast, and gives permanent results. I think this book sounds very interesting and is worth a look at.

Get your copy of The Weight Loss Cure Book today.

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Four Steps to Losing Weight Naturally and Healthily

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

by Mike Vincent

 Everyone has heard the proverb “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” But if you take a look at how people live today it appears that no one is following this advice. Instead of eating healthy foods most people are eating high-fat, high-sugar foods, exercising less and becoming obese. If you don’t want to do what “most” people are doing then here is a four step program for taking care of your precious body and losing weight in the process.

1. Eat fresh and unprocessed foods as much as possible

Whenever food is processed vitamins and minerals are affected, and sometimes destroyed. In addition, many processed foods have sugar and salt added, and both sugar and salt are the cause of many health problems.  Choose fresh fruit over canned fruit and fresh vegetables over frozen or canned vegetables. Instead of snacking on high calorie foods, get into the habit of eating fruit. No one ever got fat by eating apples and oranges.

2. Get plenty of exercise

There are two parts of weight loss: eating lower calorie foods and getting more exercise. If you don’t get off your butt it will be quite difficult to lose weight. The problem is that our lives don’t include much exercise. We walk a few steps to a car, ride to work and get out and walk a few more steps to a chair and desk and sit there the whole day. Then we come home and also sit around some more.

If you want to lose weight you have to break this pattern. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Park the car a bit further away and walk some more. Whenever you can do an errand by walking then do it.  After you eat your evening meal, don’t just sit around and watch TV, take a short brisk walk. It will help you digest your food and burn some more calories.

3. Drink plenty of water throughout the day

Water is a medicine for all kinds of diseases and proper intake of water is a requirement for maintaining good health. How much water is needed? The amount you need varies according to the season of the year but if you are trying to lose weight then drinking four quarts (per day) spread out through the day will be a big help to your weight loss efforts. Water drinking helps to reduce hunger and at the same time satisfies the need to put something in your mouth, as well as helping your body to eliminate toxins.

4. Avoid harsh drugs and use natural supplements

Don’t be tempted to try a quick fix and solve your health problems with a drug that may have dangerous side effects.  Whenever possible, let “food be your medicine.” If you do need to boost your daily diet with something extra, then try natural supplements. For example, Mangosteen juice is a tasty100% natural product with enormous health benefits.

If you follow these four steps to natural and healthy weight loss, you will look better, feel better and really start enjoying your life.

Mike Vincent is the proprietor of , a website offering discount weight loss supplements and natural health supplements.

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Eat Candy and Lose Weight? Hoodia Power Pops

Monday, December 18th, 2006

People trying the hoodia power popsNeed to lose a few more pounds? The Power Pops segment aired on the Extra TV show last summer has drove tons of interest to this new weight loss fad. You can actually loss weight by licking on these hoodia based lollipops. It was stated that the bushman in South Africa for thousands of years would go on long hunting trips for food. So what did they do to controil thier hunger? They sucked on the Hoodia cactus plant, this would elimante their hunger pains so they could consitrate on thier hunting quest.

So the best way to take hoodia may be to do what the bushman do, suck on it with these convenient lollipops that come in 9 different flavors. So tho reduce your hunger cravings between meals, why not give these hoodia Power Pops a try. It think it will help you.

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Hoodia Liquid Extreme for Weight Loss

Friday, December 15th, 2006

Liquid hoodia extreme supplementLiquid Hoodia Extreme is among the newest weight loss supplement in the hoodia category. There are many benefits to using la liquid hoodia supplement over the capsules form. One being that liquids are known to absorb much better and faster into the blood stream so that you can feel the effects right away. The effect we are looking for here is that Liquid Hoodia Extreme will help you to control your hunger cravings by giving you a full satisfied feeling. You will eat less and the pound will drop off. This Hoodia product uses only the finest hoodia extract available, obtained from the South African bushman. IF you are struggling with weight issues, I suggest you give this one a try.

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