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Introducing Advanced Formula Almighty Cleanse

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007


New and Improved Almighty Cleanse® now includes WILDCRAFTED ingredients!

We’ve enhanced the familiar cleansing and detoxifying benefits of the 7-day Almighty Cleanse®. Now, the formulation includes wildcrafted ingredients – better for you and the environment.

What are wildcrafted ingredients?
“Wildcrafted” plants are carefully harvested from their unspoiled natural habitats. They are free from additives. Special care is taken to gather them with proper respect to the environment and leave behind a sustainable crop making this new formulation better for you and better for the environment. ITV Ventures™ believes in product integrity and our goal is to deliver the best products to the marketplace.

Along with these new ingredients comes a price increase. The new retail price taking effect on September 6th, will be $10.00 higher per season making in $69.95 a season. ITV Ventures members will be able to purchase it at the membership price of $45.00 per season of Almighty Cleanse.

Urilife Team Hits 1000 Members

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Just as an update on the progress of our Urilife group, we hit another mile stone as we past the 1000 member mark in Uri International on Aug. 20th. I am very excited to see the continued growth of Brett Rademachers team in Uri International. Me person team is now 34 members and growing fast and I am seeing duplication in my downlne which is a very good sign that it is working.

The Urilife team will be rolling out the radio commercial in early September and everybody will be hearing about Uri International’s The Feast, which is a live whole food supplement made up from 81 different fruits, vegetables, berries and seeds. High in antioxidant power, everyone in the world needs to be drinking this daily. So why not join me in the excitement today and join my Urilife team.

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Uri International Brett Rademacher Team Experience Rapid Growth

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Our Uri International group headed by Brett Rademacher has past the 900 distributor mark in just 4 months time. Brett’s Urilife Internet site is the best recruiting tool available and has surpassed all other systems being used right now. This 900 distributor mark is just a drop in the bucket when compared to the massive growth that Uri International will see this fall. Uri is truly an experience that will not be short lived and will continue to provide residual income for many years to come.

Our Urilife team will be doing a massive co-op advertising on the radio starting in September and then TV early next year. Do you want to earn some extra cash? Join my Urilife team today.

Uri International flagship product is “The Feast” with contains 81 different fruits, vegetables, seed, nuts and sprouts and is a powerhouse full of dense nutrients that promote a healthy lifestyle.

We do not cook the life out of food and have a drying process that never exceeds 100 degrees F. This is very important in providing good nutrition. Try The Feast or our energy enhancing version called The Feast Supercharged today.

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Gano Excel to Raise Prices of Ganocafe Healthy Coffee

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Effective September 1st, 2007, Gano Excel has announced that the retail prices of Ganocafe coffee are going up $12.00 a box and the wholesale prices will be increased by $6.00 a box for Ganocafe Classic, 3-in-1 and Tongkat Ali healthy coffee products. It is recommended that in order to lock in the lower prices, you need to place your order by Aug. 30th.

One of the best way to get your Gano cafe coffee is to become a member of Gano Excel North America. This will allow you to place orders at the wholesale prices, earn commissions by selling Ganocafe or by referring others to Gano Excel. You can become a member for $25.00 by joining at me Gano Excel Coffee Website.

Ganocafe coffee is the leader in healthy coffee and taste great. It is low in acid, chemical and pesticide free and contains the King of Herbs Ganoderma or Reishi mushroom. Ganoderma is know for its powerful 156 antioxidants and 212 nutritional nutrients in every serving of Gano cafe Reishi coffee.

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Uri International to be Promoted by Radio

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Uri International is a whole food company with one of the best pay plans and products in the industry. Their products tastes good, people feel them and will want to reorder them regularly. In fact, the average order is around $150.00. This is important when trying to market a product line and make money in a business. The reorder rate is the key to continued success.

Now we are introducing a major method to acquire even more customers for Uri International flagship product called The Feast. Beginning in Sept. we a launching a major radio campaign to the America market. It will feature 30 minute info-commercials about Uri’s The Feast live whole food powder drink mix. These radio ads will bring major growth to the sales of Uri internationals whole food nutrition product lines and build Hugh down lines with lots of customers. Now is the time to get involved if you want to build a successful network marketing business. More information is available at and

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