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New Almighty Cleanse Liver and Gallbladder Cleanses

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

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Introducing Advanced Formula Almighty Cleanse

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007


New and Improved Almighty Cleanse® now includes WILDCRAFTED ingredients!

We’ve enhanced the familiar cleansing and detoxifying benefits of the 7-day Almighty Cleanse®. Now, the formulation includes wildcrafted ingredients – better for you and the environment.

What are wildcrafted ingredients?
“Wildcrafted” plants are carefully harvested from their unspoiled natural habitats. They are free from additives. Special care is taken to gather them with proper respect to the environment and leave behind a sustainable crop making this new formulation better for you and better for the environment. ITV Ventures™ believes in product integrity and our goal is to deliver the best products to the marketplace.

Along with these new ingredients comes a price increase. The new retail price taking effect on September 6th, will be $10.00 higher per season making in $69.95 a season. ITV Ventures members will be able to purchase it at the membership price of $45.00 per season of Almighty Cleanse.

Bariatric Vitamins, Calcium Citrate, B-12 Sublingual and Iron Designed for Bariatric Patients

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

Bariatric Advantage Vitamins

A new brand of vitamins is now available designed especially for Gastric Bypass and Bariatric bypass patients. Bartiatric patients have special needs for proper vitamins because they no longer get the maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals into their bodies after they have the weight loss surgery done. So a team of doctors got together and address the needs of these patients and designed vitamins, minerals, B-12 and iron supplements to give their bodies the biggest impact of these nutrients.

Bariatric Advantage is the name brand of these vitamins and they have been added to our Speedy Health website for purchase. If you know anyone that has had the surgery done, do them a favor and tell them about our special website. Many doctors across the country are recommending Bariatric Advantage to their patients for their nutritional needs.

Get your supply of Bariatric Advantage Vitamins here.

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Coloring Compound in Fruits, Veggies May Cut Colon Cancer Risk

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Lab tests show altering anthocyanin molecules could lead to new treatments, study says

The HealthDay News reported this about whole foods which I food interesting.

Coloring Compound in Fruits, Veggies May Cut Colon Cancer Risk
Lab tests show altering anthocyanin molecules could lead to new treatments, study says

Compounds called anthocyanins, which give color to most red, purple and blue fruits and vegetables, may help protect against colon cancer, an Ohio State University study says.

In laboratory tests on rats and on human colon cancer cells, the researchers found that anthocyanins can significantly slow the growth of colon cancer cells. The team also found that, in some cases, slightly altering the structure of anthocyanin molecules boosted their anti-cancer properties.

The findings, presented Sunday at the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting in Boston, may help advance knowledge about what gives fruits and vegetables their cancer-fighting properties which, in turn, could eventually lead to the development of new cancer treatments.

“These foods contain many compounds, and we’re just starting to figure out what they are and which ones provide the best health benefits,” lead author Monica Giusti, an assistant professor of food science at the university, said in a prepared statement.

She did not recommend certain kinds fruits or vegetables over others, and noted that much more research needs to be conducted on anthocyanins. Currently, she and her colleagues are examining how anthocyanins interact with other compounds in foods to determine if these interactions affect the health benefits of the foods or of anthocyanin itself.

More information

The American Cancer Society has more about healthy eating, exercise and cancer prevention.

To get the best in live whole foods that are vine ripen for max anthocyanins, The product I recommend is Uri International “The Feast” powder drink mix. There process involves juicing fresh vegetables and fruits, drying them into a powder that you add water to when you are ready to use. You know that by cooking fruits and vegetables, we cook the nutritional value right out of them, what is amazing about Uri’s process is that the heat in the drying process never exceeds 100 degrees F and is done within 60 seconds. locking in all the nutritional value. This is the absolute way to get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables without spending hundreds of dollars.

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Uri Internation The Feast Whole Food Drink

Monday, June 11th, 2007

the FeastI am very exciting about Uri internationals The Feast. It is the first whole food drink in the market that brings together 71 different vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds into one great tasting drink. You can beat this for good nutrition. What they first do is juice the fresh, nutrient rich greens and fruits on the planet into a juice and then remove 85% of the moisture within 15 seconds at an average temperature of 65 degrees. They do not cook the life out of the food as we normally do. You get all the benefits of fresh juicing without spending the time or money to acquire all these different whole foods. Everyone needs to be drinking this daily.

For more information visit my The Feast website and try some samples today.

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New Whole Food Supplement “The Feast” by URI International

Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

I have tried whole food supplements in the past and even thou I know they are good for you health and wellbeing, I had difficulty taking them regularly because of the taste of them, they tasted bad. I was very surprised when I receive a sample of The Feast in the mail the other day. I did a bunch of research on it and tried the sample of The Feast.

It doesn’t mix well in water by stirring with a spoon, but if you one of there hand shakers, you add it to 4 ounces of water and shake it up. It then dissolve good and to my real surprise, I like the taste, it had a pleasant berry flavor to it. After taking two of them a few hour apart, I was feel good from it and not hungry. I think everyone will like the taste of The Feast.

But the important thing here is getting the nutrition it supplies in every serving. The Feast is an all in one live whole food product and delivers a full, synergistic spectrum of 30 antioxidants from fruita and berries, 30 powerful greens and vegetables, 11 nutrient dense seeds, nuts and sprouts, 83+ active enzymes and full spectrum fulvic mineral blend and 22 resilient living Probiotics, great for digestion.

What is also unique about the feast is that their drying process dries foods at 65 to 70 degrees and never exceeds 100 degrees.  This is extremely important, since cooking food at high temperatures destroys the life force in the plants. The best thing is drinking raw juices, but this is time consuming and expensive. so why not try the feast today by Uri International. Try a sample of The Feast by visiting this page.

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Support the Release of Adult Stem Cells the Natural Way With Stem Enhance

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Stem Cell research has been on news shows all across America, they are making major breakthroughs in health. They support the healthy function of tissue and organs. But the problem is that as we age, our bodies slow down in releasing stem cells to rebuild our organs. So new supplements have been hitting the market to help promote the natural release of these vital cells.

The benefits of healthy stem cell support includes enhancing optimal wellness and can fight effects of aging. Healthy stem cells can help you feel stronger and more vigorous as you advance into retirement years.

Let’s face it, people today regardless of their age want to enjoy good health, fell and look better, and be able to do more play and hard work without tiring out to fast.

Stem Enhance is the all natural supplement that helps support the natural release of adult stem cells.

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Vitalzym an Extra Strength Systemic Enzyme Supplement

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

vitalzym enzymesAre you looking for a really good enzyme supplement? Vitalzym is the answer. It is a super strength enzyme supplement by World Nutrition. Why use it? Will help you to reduce inflammation, guard against Fibrosis, help maintain a healthy immune system, aids in promoting a healthy circulation,and aids in fighting viruses.

Key Vitalzym Benefits:

  • Immune Function: Enzymes help maintain healthy immune systems
  • Healthy Circulation: Normal enzyme levels help promote blood circulation
  • Blood: Enzymes help cleanse the blood of debris, maintaining blood health
  • Fibrin: Normal enzyme levels help guard against the formation of fibrin.

This is considered the best on the market and is used my many practicing doctors to give to their patiences.

Cold MD and Sleep MD now Avaialble

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

We have just added two new products from Iovate Health called Cold MD and Sleep MD. These are all natural herbal formulas that will aid in getting rid of common colds and help you sleep better. The first one is seen on TV ads stating that it can help increase your resistance to viruses by as much as 314% and reduce recovery times by 74%. This is a great time of the year to be taking Cold MD, we all need to increase our immune system to fight off attacks.

The second one is Sleep MD, for those of us who have a hard time falling asleep at night, this could be the answer you have search for. It is an all natural herbal sleep aid designed to give you a better nights sleep, and to wake up more refreshed in the morning. Give this one a try.

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Which Mens Health Supplement Should I Use?

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

I often get the question as to which of the male sexual enhancer supplements is the best to use. I can relate to you what expereinces I get from customers. I would consider the products that get the most reorders make since to me since they would not reorder the product if they saw no results at all.

So for in our sales at there has been to winners. with far more sales than all the other mens supplements combined together. These two products are Ogoplex and Roplex. Also in close second place would be Substanol from the makers of Roplex. We use to sell a lot of Enzyte, but the reorder rate on these is low. Roplex has the largest amount of repeat business.

It seems to me that the key ingredient in Ogoplex does work. The Swedish flower pollen extract they use. It also makes complete sense that Roplex would out sell Ogoplex due to the fact that it contains 75% more of the key ingredient over Ogoplex. So to get the best value for your money, I do recommend the Roplex brand. For woman I would buy the Cerniplex supplements.